Writing a Sermon on Paper

I preached this past Sunday, and due to certain circumstances I started writing my sermon on paper. My wife Alicia was interviewing on Friday for a residency next year and I went with her (mostly for the free meals). There were four separate interviews scheduled, so I thought that would give me some good time […]

Inheritance – Sermon on Mark 10:17-31

The following sermon was given yesterday. It is part of a larger series we are doing, but I think it makes sense. This was probably the shortest sermon I ever preached, but after I got finished writing it, I felt like there wasn’t anything else I needed to say. We tried recording it, but it […]

Sermon: "Jesus Eats Fish"

I had the privilege of preaching last Sunday on the Gospel text of the week, Luke 24:36-48. I have only preached a handful of times at Hope, and I’ve been experimenting with different styles of preaching: preaching from manuscripts vs. outlines, doing verse-by-verse exegesis vs. theological explorations, and so on. This time I preached from […]