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Reggie McNeal: Who is this for?

Reggie McNeal, in his book The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church describes a comment from a pastor after listening to McNeal speak. I think it is a great way to begin to help people understand the mission mindset:

“From now on, when some idea comes up for something new to do at our church, I am going to as the question, Who is this for?”

“Who is this for?” may be a good way for you to begin your own journey from member to missionary. Think about your life, your money, your time, your talent, and your commitments. “Who is this for?” Is the answer club members or people who do not yet know Jesus? (68)

Reggie McNeal on the Bible

Reggie McNeal, a Baptist, in his book The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church says this about the Bible in North America:

The current dilemma with how we use the Bible is twofold. One is that in the last gasps of the modern church, we have made Bible study in itself a mark of spiritual maturity, clearly missing the major evidences of what God looks for in his search for spiritual maturity–our relationship to him and to people. The Pharisees studied the Scripture and knew it better than any other group, but Jesus chided them for missing the point. (He was the point!) If our Bible study does not show up in a life that looks increasingly like Jesus’ (captured by his heart for people), it is merely a head trip, a point of pride, and an idolatrous substitute for genuine spirituality. Second, in a pluralistic religious environment, we need to remember that it is not essential to convert people to the Bible; it is imperative that they meet Jesus and begin to develop a relationship with him. When a person loves Jesus, that person will want to know everything Jesus did and said. The hunger to know more will naturally lead people to the Bible. People do not need to agree with our definition of the truth to come to the Truth. (114, emphasis original)

I said something similar in my post The Narcissism of Christian Education.