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August Archives

I realized there are a lot of good posts that have been buried for years, so every month I’m going to try to link to some of my person favorite posts written each month since 2005. Here’s the best from August:

  • Transforming Churches into Mission Centers: Rethinking Ordination, 2009. “If we are going to be a church free to move swiftly with the movement of the Spirit, a church that takes seriously the priesthood of all believers, a church rooted in local community, a church that believes that all are called by God and equipped for ministry, then the current structural handcuffs that go along with ordination, seminary, the call process, the sacraments, and the host of other issues related to ecclesiology must be removed.”
  • Emerging Church: Bridging the Academy & Church? 2007. “Is the emerging church the manifestation of the academy and the church coming together? Are the ivory towers finally being brought into our sanctuaries? It seems to me to be so. If it turns out to be true, I think there would be some pretty massive implications.”
  • We’re all Heretics, 2007. “To me, orthodoxy is an eschatological reality towards which we are all striving. In the end, we will finally be ‘orthodox’ and believe as we should. Until then, we are all just heretics.”