High School & College Faith

My friend Noah is writing a book about transitioning your faith as you graduate from high school to college, called Face to Faith (you should go check out the website… he is posting blogs related to the book, and the best comments will be incorporated into the book). It got me to thinking about my […]

Help Me Win $500

My blog post “10 Things Youth Ministry Needs Less” was nominated for the best blog post of 2011 at YouthMin.org! Now, it is up to a vote to narrow down the 32 nominees to the best post of the year, with the winner receiving over $500 worth of goodies in “Books, iTunes gift cards, Starbucks […]

10 Things Youth Ministry Needs More

My last post on 10 Things Youth Ministry Needs Less generated a lot more discussion than I expected. The comments left on that post were quite insightful, so make sure to go back and read the 43 comments if you haven’t yet. But the point of my last post wasn’t to simply be a critic, […]

10 Things Youth Ministry Needs Less

There’s been some talk lately about the future of youth ministry. I’ve posted some of my thoughts before, but when I think about the future, there are certain things I’d like to see more and certain things I would like to see less. Up today, ten things I’d like to see less: Youth Ministers – […]