Charities and Lutherans

Did you know that the U.S. donates almost $1.4 trillion dollars to charity every year? Or that the charity that has the highest revenue is Lutheran Services in America at $16.6 billion? I didn’t either. All this is according to, which I found over at Adam McLane’s blog. Go there for lots of more […]

The Perfect Church Email Solution?

So, I thought this would be easy. I’m looking for a church email list management solution that I thought would be pretty simple. But apparently the features I want aren’t that easy to find. Here’s what I’m looking for: The ability to send emails to different segments of a master list (youth, prayer requests, announcements, […]

Friday Frivolty

I’m not feeling too creative today, so here’s a pretty amazing video that probably took way too much time to make. Come back next week for a series on a trinitarian model of youth ministry.

ELCA Names

I’ve noticed since joining an ELCA church three years ago that the groups in the ELCA do not seem compelled like other Christian groups to come up with cool names for their organizations. You know, some might call their older groups something catchy like “Prime Time.” In the ELCA, it seems like we use only […]

Twitter Life for the Week of 2009-05-10

Doing a little blog maintenance and updating. # Just joined a twibe. Visit to join # @jakebouma how’s that? in reply to jakebouma # Beginning my morning with some Phyllis Tickle. # Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #youthministry #lutheran #theology # @ypguybrit maybe if you twitter more you can […]

Twitter Life for the Week of 2009-05-03

FAFSAizing. Ugh. # It’s been a demanding weekend. Good, but demanding. Feels good to relax this afternoon and evening. # RIP Pontiac # @ypguybrit whoa, that’s kinda ahead of time. Way to go. in reply to ypguybrit # @scottlenger Thanks for the RT on in reply to scottlenger # @jakebouma Thanks for the […]

Twitter Life for 2009-04-26

@YouthMinBlog tatango. # going home to get some reading done # Finally read YM 3.0 by Marko today. Mixed thoughts. Review forthcoming. # Uh oh. Work PC is doing weird things. Don’t ask if I’ve backed up. # If my PC ever fires back up, I’m thinking Mozy. Other recommendations for online backups? # @savagehowie […]

Dallas Independent School District is a Joke

I don’t live in the boundaries of DISD, but it is by far the largest school district in our metroplex area, so it gets all of the media coverage. And for good reason. They are clueless. I have lived in the area for less than three years, and in that amount of time, these stories […]