Sermon: "Jesus Eats Fish"

I had the privilege of preaching last Sunday on the Gospel text of the week, Luke 24:36-48. I have only preached a handful of times at Hope, and I’ve been experimenting with different styles of preaching: preaching from manuscripts vs. outlines, doing verse-by-verse exegesis vs. theological explorations, and so on. This time I preached from […]

Signs You are in a Funk

Maybe no one else experiences this, but my life seems to run in cycles of varying levels of contentment and productivity. The majority of the time I feel like things are clicking along, life is in order, things that need to be done are getting done. Recently, however, I have been in one of my […]

Tweaking the Look

I wrote a few weeks ago about the new Vigilance WordPress theme I switched to recently. Until yesterday I was running the theme pretty much as it came and finally got around to tweaking it a touch. I’ve changed up the font, link color, and added a few random pictures I found in Flickr to […]

New Look

I’m trying out a new blog theme to see what I think. I need to make a few adjustments to get it how I like, but I think this might work out.

Of Sickness, Lock-Ins, and Schoolwork

All of the above has kept me busy and/or in bed.  Sometimes both at the same time. I’ve been sick for about two weeks and can’t seem to shake this crud I’ve got.  It’s not something that makes me bedridden, but I’m just exhausted all the time.  I bet I could sleep for 14 hours […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Racecar

The blog has been dormant for about a week due to a special project I’ve been working on.  This October my younger brother Drew was a driver in the Houston race of the 24 Hours of Lemons, an amateur endurance race for cars that have been bought and race-prepped (excluding “safety” items) for $500 or […]