Linkworthy – 8/13/10

Youth Ministry Adam Lehman shares how he uses Scalable Communication How to debrief your youth group missions team – A free resource A you scheduling time for Dreaming, Resting and Growing? Thoughts on Selecting a Short-Term Missions Experience A new youth ministry conference is in the works: Youth Network Conference I was blown away by […]

Linkworthy 8/6/10

Youth Ministry Adam Lehman is now a part-time student ministry director. And he’s not bitter. Adam McLane’s ministry is shifting to a Go and Do Discipleship Model A sweet graphic: Social Media Infographic. The most interesting stats: 78% of customers trust peer recommendations; 14% trust advertisements; 34% of bloggers post opinions on products and brands. […]

Linkworthy – 7/30/10

Youth Ministry An alternative to mission trips: Co-Mission Continuing with the discussions about youth group mission trips, Tim says Short Term Student Mission Trips Are Worth It. This isn’t a youth ministry post, and I don’t really know what I think about the book recommendation in it, but in general he is right. All youth […]

Linkworthy – 7/23/10

Youth Ministry Jake like to discuss big questions. I think youth ministers need to get together more and discuss big questions as well. Risk Lawrence on The Parachurch Mistake Top Ten Mistakes Christian Parents of Teens Make But, sometimes it isn’t always the parents’ fault: Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds Share of College Spending […]

Linkworthy 7/16/10

Youth Ministry Kenda Creasy Dean has a new book out about the implications of the National Study on Youth and Religion. She gets interviewed here. A review of the latest Twilight movie. A website just for small youth groups. American creativity is on the decline. Evangelicals lose fewer youth than liberals. Church & Theology Donald […]

Linkworthy – 2/14/10

Youth Ministry A Life in Student Ministry podcast with Jake Bouma on The need for theological questioning in youth ministry. Adam tells us that he loves HotelPlanner.Com for youth ministry trips. Lent starts on Wednesday. Need some ideas? Youth Ministry Ideas for Lent ’10: #1. This could make a great object lesson or illustration: Millionaire […]

Linkworthy 2/7/10

Youth Ministry What happens with a youth group prays in a mall? Tim Schmoyer does youth ministry all wrong. Or so he says. Social media and youth ministry. Adam McLane is qualified to speak about such things. A Lutheran pastor has some good thoughts from the ELCA Youth Ministry Extravaganza (think NYWC for Lutherans): post […]

Linkworthy – 10/18/09

Youth Ministry Make a paper youth directory using a free program. I’ve never used this, but it looks interesting. Joel is rethinking big events. Is this what youth pastors will look like in 2019? I hope it doesn’t take that long. Halloween and the sexualization of evil. Adam McLane is starting a new youth ministry. […]

Linkworthy – 10/4/09

Youth Ministry Listening – a crucial practice in youth ministry. Great questions for mentoring guys. I want to check out that book as well. Are people called to youth ministry specifically or are they called to particular communities? Mike Kupferer thinks the former. I’m open to the latter. Open letters from Kevin Twombly to teenage […]

Linkworthy 9/14/09

It’s been a while since my last Linkworthy post. Some good stuff I’ve seen over the past few weeks: Youth Ministry Common misconception about student ministry: Student Ministries must be fun and entertaining because students have a short attention span and need lots of stimulus in order to keep them engaged. Some radical ideas for […]