Theology & Youth Ministry Project: Want to help?

Over the past four years of youth ministry I have stayed away from most published curriculum. In most cases, I have tended to take books that I think are provocative, theologically sound and worthwhile and use them to structure my lessons. So, when I taught on Colossians I used Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire by […]

Where Was God When…?

I have been asked to participate in a blog tour for a new book by Mike Calhoun: Where Was God When? I have not read the book or know much about Mike, so this isn’t necessarily an endorsement, but their idea of the blog tour was so interesting that I decided to participate. If you […]

Further Thoughts on Youth Ministry 3.0

Last week I wrote a review of Youth Ministry 3.0 by Mark Ostreicher where I criticized the book’s lack of theological and philosophical engagement. Instead, the book focused mostly on cultural shifts and how youth ministry has not adapted to this latest shift. My argument was that the shift that is occurring goes much deeper […]

Best Youth Ministry Books: Youth Ministry 3.0 by Mark Ostreicher

Yesterday I finally read Youth Ministry 3.0 by Mark Ostreicher, and since I’m one of the latecomers to the conversation I won’t summarize the book too much. Marko has linked to tons of reviews on his blog if you are interested in more in-depth summaries. If you are fairly in-tune with a lot of the […]

Bookshelf Anomalies #6: The Purpose Driven Life & Messy Spirituality

Bookshelf Anomalies #1 Bookshelf Anomalies #2 Bookshelf Anomalies #3 Bookshelf Anomalies #4 Bookshelf Anomalies #5 Two approaches to mature Christian spirituality are highlighted in these two books, one of which has sold millions of copies, the other one hasn’t. I’ll let you figure out which is which. Rick Warren’s approach in The Purpose Driven Life […]