Why Do You Read My Blog?

If you are reading this post, I’m assuming you are one of the people who subscribes to my RSS feed, a loyal reader. As I am in the process of resurrecting the blog, I’m curious: Why do you read my blog? (After the last six months of non-blogging, it might be more appropriate to ask, […]

Quick Update

I’m working on moving my blog to a new host. Regularly scheduled programming may be interrupted until the process is over (which I think will be 24ish hours). Then on to blogging again.

Coming Out of Hibernation

Most animals go into hibernation during the winter, but I guess I am a different breed, blog-wise at least. The cold weather and dead grass keeps outdoor activities to a minimum, and the new year brings fresh perspective. So I think it is time to awaken (resurrect?) the blog for a season. More to come […]

August Archives

I realized there are a lot of good posts that have been buried for years, so every month I’m going to try to link to some of my person favorite posts written each month since 2005. Here’s the best from August: Transforming Churches into Mission Centers: Rethinking Ordination, 2009. “If we are going to be […]


Alright, so my digital slumber (hibernation is more like it) has finally come to a close. A few people have noticed that I haven’t blogged, tweeted, facebooked, et cetera, in the past few weeks (months). And the reason? Well, there isn’t really a good one. During October I just didn’t feel like writing, so I […]

5 Year Blogging Anniversary

Yup, today is it. It’s hard to believe that I have been blogging for five years (although with varied degrees of commitment). For those who think that they will start blogging in order to become famous, I say: Ha! Blogging is a lesson in perseverance, my friend. For those who are wondering how this thing […]

Persistance Pays

In April I made a commitment to try to post at least once a day, and since then I’ve seen great increases in quality on my blog in all sorts of areas: my writing, creativity, people’s comments and interaction with my posts, and blog traffic. Although I did miss two days this month, I almost […]

Summer Blog Schedule

Since I’ve started this goal of posting at least once per day since April I’ve come up with quite a few different ideas for posts and series that I think might create some good discussion. The problem is, summer is upon us. For those of us in youth ministry summer usually means one thing: unpredictability. […]

I Would Love to Read Your Blog If…

So, I tried writing a blog post to give some suggestions to people with a youth ministry blog some things I look for. However, I took the negative approach and said what I don’t like in a blog, which ended up coming off kind of pompous and haughty. So, at the request of Laura, I’ve […]