The Freedom of Failure

So, my post a couple of weeks ago may have been a bit on the negative side. I talked about the doom and gloom of youth ministry and how if it didn't change, it would simply die. If anyone happened to read the post, they probably would have thought I was a pretty stark pessimist. Well, maybe I am. … [read full article...]

Issues in Youth Ministry

Tim Schmoyer is doing a series on current issues in youth ministry. I wasn't one of the 21 people asked to weigh-in on the topic (because, well, I don't know him) but I can still post my own thoughts on my blog. So I will! Some of my emergent/emerging tendencies will be evident in my … [read full article...]

Neo-Youth Ministry Series Introduction

As most of you very well know, the prefix neo simply means new. In order to affix this label to a word, the “new” understanding of the word must be so different than the previous understanding to warrant the neo prefix, rather than just slightly adjusting the meaning of the old word. However, at the … [read full article...]

A Theology of Geography: Locality and Proximity

I'm up at Luther Seminary this week for an intensive course on Singleness, Marriage, and Family.  As tends to happen, I am viewing much of this course content through the lens of ecclesiology and thinking of the implications of our discussions upon the life of the church. On Monday (I think it … [read full article...]

The 3 Spheres of Youth Ministry

Luther Seminary continues to put out quality research related to youth ministry. I got to participate in one of the webinars they have just developed to make this research accessible to the average church leader called the Exemplary Youth Ministry Online Seminar. In this one-hour seminar they go … [read full article...]

10 Things Youth Ministry Needs Less

There's been some talk lately about the future of youth ministry. I've posted some of my thoughts before, but when I think about the future, there are certain things I'd like to see more and certain things I would like to see less. Up today, ten things I'd like to see less: Youth Ministers - … [read full article...]